About us

What is LEVA-ME?

Leva-me is a travel agency exclusively dedicated to adventure group tours. It presents a destination, itinerary, date and a travel leader to accompany and show you what most fascinates us in the country. It was through his videos and photos that João Cajuda began to share his experiences across borders. LEVA-ME emerged to be able to take its community of travelers to experience the same adventures. Founded together with her friend Mariana Vaz, LEVA-ME organize and accompanies group trips to different selected destinations.


Why travel with LEVA-ME?

Our tours are organized to show our travelers the best of each country. Small groups are the best way to create a comfortable atmosphere and to make friends. Trips aren’t just made up of the places we go to, but also the people we go with and the moments we share… It doesn’t matter if you sign up alone, we are sure you will come back with 20 more friends!
If you bring a friend along on the tour, it is essential that you show them this information. All we don’t want is a cranky traveler who has been ‘dragged’ by friends spoiling the fun and relaxed energy of the group.
These are trips that go beyond the ordinary. We will show you the most incredible places, the most typical foods…We’ll take you to get to know the culture and daily life of a new people, a new country. Always with the fun and relaxed spirit that our travelers have grown accustomed to.

We want you to be curious, to awaken your adventurous side… to explore every corner of a new city and define new paths. We want to inspire you! We want you to fall in love with the World! We want you to feel alive! We want you to become more open-minded, with extended horizons, to see beyond the obvious, to lose and find yourself…We want you to go back home and realize that nothing changed except you!

Is this trip for me?

Our trips are for people who like to have fun and make friends, regardless of their age. We are sure that if you come with a relaxed mindset, you’ll have an unforgettable time. It is important to understand that ours are adventure trips, and as such, there is always an element of the unexpected. Traveling to a LEVA-ME destination is not like staying at the Four Seasons in Paris… a lot can happen, from coming across different animals to getting a weak or no internet connection, the air conditioning breaking, the shower having lower water pressure and temperature than the one in your house, the food not being what you’re used to, etc… But it’s good that things are different, otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth it to leave home. Also, good weather is unfortunately not a guarantee, as sometimes it rains, snow falls, there are sandstorms, and it is important that you know that there may be changes in the itinerary. What kind of a trip would it be without some adventure?!

Our team!

João Cajuda
CEO, Líder de Viagem

João Cajuda is well known for his travel blog. He is passionate about the world, traveling, people, new cultures and flavors ... He has been fascinated by the unknown since childhood and realized early on that he was born to explore. He prefers the jungle or deserted beaches to the massive tourism of big cities. In 2014 he created his travel blog,, and ever since then he’s been going abroad in the constant pursuit of the enjoyment of life. He likes to capture moments and landscapes with his camera and to share their essence in videos and photos. These days almost half a million people follow his adventures around the world on social media. He is also a Tour Leader and takes travelers to get to know his favorite places on the planet, always with that fun and relaxed vibe that we’ve all grown accustomed to.

Mariana Vaz
Líder de Viagem

Mariana graduated in Tourism because she realized early on that that was an area that fascinated her. She studied and worked in many countries besides Portugal, such as Sweden, Spain and the United States, among others. Those experiences have allowed her to get to know many different Tourism departments, from theme parks and hotels to aviation. In the last few years, working as a flight attendant allowed her to visit many places around the world and to discover her biggest passion: to travel! Whenever she gets a chance, she’ll strap on her backpack and go explore even more countries. She is an adventurer by nature and is up for any challenge. Last year for example she went climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Discovering new places, new people and new cultures is what makes her the happiest. She loves to have fun, to dance and most of all to share with a big smile all the beautiful things she’s already seen. She is the person who’ll take care of your bookings and any questions or doubts you may have!

Susana Ribeiro
Líder de Viagem

Susana is a travel journalist and a blogger. She lives in Oporto but spends most of her time traveling, because as she says, "traveling is my life". In 2013 she created her blog,, to share itineraries, guides, tips and travel suggestions. Today she is also a LEVA-ME Tour Leader and she will be your guide on some of our tours. As you can expect from a woman from the north of Portugal, good mood is guaranteed.

Leonardo Coelho
Líder de Viagem

Leonardo grew up in Lisbon where he graduated in Medicine. He also studied in Italy and Germany, where he took the opportunity to travel around Europe. After completing his degree, he worked as a doctor until he decided that this was not the lifestyle he wanted. He then devoted himself to one of his great passions, languages, and began working online as a freelance translator, which allowed him to travel long-term through Southeast Asia and South America. These days he lives in Lisbon where he is a local tour guide as well as a LEVA-ME Tour Leader. Good mood and a spirit of adventure are guaranteed on his tours.

Artur Cabral
Líder de viagem

Artur got his first camera as a child, having immediately started his connection with photography. He graduated in Architecture in 2002, having started working in this area until 2010, the year in which he chooses to dedicate himself as a full time job to his great passion for photography. As a freelance photographer, he has published his wonderful photos in National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Volta ao Mundo, Travels & Safaris, GQ Portugal, Africa Geographic, Orion Magazine, Atmosphere and Sunday Times. He has a deep knowledge of Africa, especially Tanzania, where he accompanies groups of travelers and lets them know the best that the country has to offer. Now get delight with his photos! 🙂

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