Termos e condições

Terms and Conditions presented here are intended to define and govern the provision of services of Leva-me (Fronteiras e Colinas, Ltd), registered at the Commercial Registry R.N.P.C. ( Registo Nacional de Pessoas Coletivas) with the single registration and tax 513 951 016 , National Register of Travel Agencies, RNAVT (Registo Nacional de Agências de Viagens e Turismo) Nº6282 in Tourism of Portugal.

The travel organization is the responsibility of LEVA-ME (Fronteiras e Colinas, Ltd), according to the terms and conditions set forth herein .
The travel program in which you subscribe will have particular conditions and terms, complementing the general present.
By hiring LEVA-ME (Fronteiras e Colinas, Ltd), Customer acknowledges and accepts all the terms and conditions established here.

Liability / Insurance
The travels of the agency LEVA-ME (Fronteiras e Colinas, Ltd) , under the legislation in force, are covered by liability insurance – Policyholder Nº63562528 Fidelidade Seguros and the Travel Guarantee Fund and Tourism of Tourism of Portugal under the law n.º17/2018, de 8 de Março.

An adequate insurance for the travel program is mandatory for you to present. If you do not match the recommended, LEVA-ME (Fronteiras e Colinas, Ltd) as its partners in service may refuse to register or exempt themselves from any and all liability for additional damages and costs .

The registration on a trip will only be validated after full payment or a deposit of 30% (30% of whom are non-refundable in case of cancellation) of the total value of the service and the filling of the appropriate form available on the site. You are obliged to complete the rest os the payment of the cost of the trip, including additional services requested, within 70 days of the departure date. If enrollment takes place 70 days or less from the date of the start of the program, the total price must be paid upon registration, subject to confirmation of reservations / associated services. LEVA-ME (Fronteiras e Colinas, Ltd) reserves the right to cancel any registration, which payment has not been made as explicit in the conditions above.

Minimum and maximum age.
The minimum age for registration is 18 years old. From the age of 16 onwards, they will only be accepted when accompanied by their parents, or with just one of the parents, depending on current legislation. There is no maximum age, yet, given the nature of the trips, which sometimes require physical effort, and the lack of medical assistance in some remote locations, LEVA-ME sees itself as having the right and duty to advise against it, to suggest a alternative, or even not allowing a traveler to register, whenever justified.

People with motor disabilities
Given the nature of the trips, the poor preparation of some countries in terms of mobility, as well as the land in the places visited, transport and hotels, it is recommended that if the traveler has a motor disability, contact us in advance to get advice and understand if the trip in question is safe for the traveler, or if we recommend another destination.
Be conscious of the physical demands of the trip and the possible difficulty of access to healthcare.

Date Changes
If you registered in a Tour, you can not change the registration to another Tour or for the same one departing on a different date without the consent of LEVA-ME (Fronteiras e Colinas , Ltd) . If it is possible to make the change, it may be subject to fees and charges set out in the topic on Dropouts.

Termination of Registration
You may assign your registration,being replaced by another person who has all the conditions required for the trip. To do so you must informe LEVA-ME (Fronteiras e Colinas, Ltd), by registered letter, with at least 7 days in advance and that such assignment is possible under the applicable air transport regulations. If the person who replaces you is of the opposite sex , may interfere with the accommodation. Some limitations of accommodation in the case of not being single room may occur.
The assignment of registration jointly responsible assignor and assignee for the payment of the price of the trip and the originating additional charges .

Where there are reasons other than justified , the organizing agency may change the order of the itinerary, change the departure times or substitute any of the hotels provided by other category and similar location. It will inform you of such change as soon as it has it knowledge.

Price Changes
The constant programming prices are based on cost of services and exchange rates in effect at the time of programming and may therefore be subject to changes resulting from changes in the cost of transport or fuel , duties , taxes and currency fluctuations.
Whenever there is a change to the price of the trip , you will be immediately informed and invited to , within the time allotted to him , accepting the necessary increase or unsubscribe from the same terms and conditions presented on the topic ‘ Impossibility of Compliance ‘ .

Cancellation of the Program by the Agency
When the trip is dependent on a minimum number of participants, the Agency reserves the right to cancel the package if the number of registered participants is less than the minimum.
LEVA-ME will inform the client about the cancelation as soon as possible but no longer than:
i. 20 days before the beginning of the trip in case the tour is longer than 6 days.
ii. 7 days before the beginning of the trip in case the tour is between 2 and 6 days.
iii. 48h before the beginning of the trip in case the tour is less than 2 days.
In case LEVA-ME cancel the trip, the payments done by the client will be refunded. No more indemnisation will be given to the client.

If You or any of your companions give up the trip 70 days before the start of the travel program date, you will lose 30% (non-refundable), which was paid to the Agency initially. If such waiver is 70 or fewer days of the program start date, you will lose the total amount of the travel program. The value of additional services which have been ordered by you and have not recoverable charges will be lost
After been signed, Travel insurance have no refund. Visas after applications to embassies or other entities, have no refund.
The customer will not be entitled to any refund, as described above, even if he has made the cancellation due to being prevented from traveling due to health or accident reasons.

Once the trip has started, no refund will be due to the customer for not using services or for not using programs that happen for reasons of force majeure or for reasons attributable to the customer, even as negligence.

Once started the trip, services unused by you are non refundable. If the services expected to be provided by the program fail, for reasons not attributable to the Agency and if substitution is not possible by other equivalent, gives you the right to be reimbursed for the difference between the price of the services expected and the actually rendered.

Only complaints presented, in writing, within not more than 20 days after the end of the services. may be considered. The information can only be accepted if they have been communicated to the suppliers of services (hotels, guides, local agents, etc.) during the journey or stay, requiring the respective documents proving the occurrence.
In case of a claim for breach of contract services, you can operate the travel and tourism provided Guarantee Fund under the DL 61/2011 of May 06 as amended, and to do so to present their complaint:
From the Turismo de Portugal I.P. in www.turismodeportugal.pt within 30 days after: (i) the end of the trip; (Ii) the cancellation of the trip attributable to the agency; (Iii) the date of knowledge of the impossibility of its realization for reasons attributable to the agency; (Iv) the closure of the establishment.
With any of the site of the entities of the General Directorate of Consumer in http://www.consumidor.pt

You should have in good order your personal or family documentation (identity card, military documentation, authorization for minors, visas, certificates of vaccines and other possibly required). The agency accepts no responsibility for the refusal to grant visas or no customer entry permit in a foreign country; still the customer’s account any costs that this would entail.

Travel in the European Union:
You(regardless of age) should be in possession of their civil identification document (passport; B.I, Citizen Card);
To obtain medical care must be carriers of their European Health Insurance Card;

Travel outside the European Union
You (regardless of age) should be in possession of your civil identification document (passport) and a visa if necessary (get this information from the agency at the time of booking);
Nationals of non-EU countries should consult specific information about the required documentation for conducting travel to the embassies / consulates of the countries of origin.

Customer usage information
You give express consent that all information, including personal data provided, in relation to the trip, can be transmitted to government authorities for border control purposes and safety in air travel or other.
As well as, to the local partners of LEVA-ME (Fronteiras e Colinas, Ltd) for the travel program to be performed (including health-related data among others)

Occasionally LEVA-ME (Fronteiras e Colinas, Ltd) takes pictures / videos during trips to use as promotional material. Assumes the consent of the participants, unless you mention that do not allow.

Meeting Point and The beginning of the Trip
Your meeting point on every trip with the Tour leader and the other participants is indicated in each travel program. The specific location will be communicated to you in a timely manner before the trip.
The air travel or other means of transport that take you to the beginning of the trip are purchased by you by other means. In any case it is your responsibility to be at the meeting point at the time indicated for the beginning of the Tour. Unless, certain programs that LEVA-ME (Fronteiras e Colinas, Ltd) offers the possibility of acquiring the flight with a partner through this site.

Schedules of airline tickets and other means of transport
The departure and arrival hours will be in accordance with the schedules of transportation companies, the date of issue of the information of the respective trips, and in the time zone of their country, so they can be changed. Special attention to the delays due to technical issues or other related either with the means of transportation or with the companies. You should always consult the schedule of each flight printed on your ticket and confirm their return with the airline with 72 hours in advance.

Accommodation provided by LEVA-ME (Fronteiras e Colinas, Ltd) is presented bellow:
Double Room- can be double or twin depending on availability of the accommodation
Triple Room- group of friends or people traveling alone who want to share
Individual Room- subject to individual housing supplement payment, there may be travel / nights that this option is not available due to restrictions from the accommodation unit.
In some cases, as stated in the travel program, accommodation will be in camping tents, beds in train cabins or other.
LEVA-ME (Fronteiras e Colinas, Ltd) may group in pairs, by sex and chronological order of registration, customers who sign up individually for the same trip. Unusually, in a few trips due to the features of each accommodation, the separation by gender may not be possible.

LEVA-ME trips are mostly made up of Portuguese-speaking travelers. For this reason Portuguese is the common language and in which the travel leader will communicate. It should be noted however that many tourist/local guides only speak English or Spanish, so it is important that travelers understand these languages.

The Agency is not responsible in any way for baggage and other assets that you can carry, whatever the place or means of transport used. It is recommended to you to hire baggage insurance and its presence in the loading and unloading of the same. In case of removal, damage or luggage destruction, you must claim immediately, in writing, with the service provider entity and / or entity to guard whom they were deposited, keeping a copy of the complaint. The responsibility of the Agency can only be implemented by the claim proof of presentation provided in the preceding paragraph.

Covid-19 Tests
In order to participate in the trip, the traveler is obliged to comply with the requirements of the country of departure and arrival at the time of the Trip. Present to LEVA-ME or to the competent authorities of the country to which you are traveling a negative COVID-19 test carried out within the period stipulated by these entities. The same happens if it is mandatory to present a test on return to Portugal. The costs of COVID-19 tests are borne by the traveler. Without the presentation of the test, LEVA-ME may refuse the traveler’s participation and no amounts paid will be refunded.

In the present context of the SARS-Cov2 pandemic, even with the adoption by LEVA-ME and its collaborators of all the recommended safety and hygiene procedures, the risk of infection always persists, so the traveler assumes such risk and even the possibility of having to comply with the rules imposed by the authorities of Portugal and third countries regarding the closure of borders, cancellation of flights, internment, mandatory quarantine, testing, documents, etc, with the traveler being responsible for the costs of these.

The Terms and Conditions are complemented by the travel program that you sign up to, which is the particular conditions of participation in the Tour. They can also be supplemented by any other specific conditions sent to you upon registration or any other if properly agreed by the parties.